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Advances in Psychology and Law
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The present volume consists of up-to-date review articles on topics relevant to psychology and law, and will be of current interest to the field. Notably, the majority of these topics are currently attracting a great deal of research and public policy attention in the U.S. and elsewhere, as evidenced by programs at the American Psychology-Law Society and related conferences. Topics for the present volume include: attitudes toward the police (Cole et al.), alibis (Charman et al.), hate crimes based on gender and sexual orientation (Plumm & Leighton), the role of gender at trial (Livingston et al.), neuroimages in court (Glen), intimate partner violence (Mauer & Reppucci), post-identification feedback (Douglass & Smalarz) and individual differences in eyewitness identification (Snowden & Bornstein), veterans´ wellbeing (Berthelot & Prager), and plea bargaining (Levett).

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